The Odds Are Definitely In My Favor

I have now officially survived The Hunger Games three times. Each time, I have managed to jump during the same scenes, although by now I should know what to expect.

While the movie was good, I think more than three viewings would be excessive, so I am planning on politely declining any additional requests to see it. I had originally only planned on seeing it twice, but would have felt guilty seeing it with one of my sisters and not the other.

Tonight’s show may have been the best, simply because of the location. I’m a fan of being able to watch a movie in the theater, but also have the comfort of a couch. This makes The Moolah one of my favorite St. Louis theaters. I have only seen a few movies there,  but like going when I have the opportunity.

Earlier in the day, I mentioned to one of my co-workers that seeing the film was on my agenda for the evening. This sparked an interesting discussion, as he had watched it a few weekends ago and had some very different opinions than me about the movie.

He had not read any of the books prior to seeing it, and still hasn’t taken the time to read them. Instead, he enlisted his girlfriend to “research”(read the books) and report the findings back to him.

I don’t agree with this method, as each person can have a slightly different interpretation of what they are reading. I think if you want to be able to argue or discuss variations in plot/details from book to movie, you should have to take the time yourself to read it and form your own opinions.

His biggest complaint was that the premise was just so completely unrealistic. I guess he thought it was supposed to be something that could actually happen in our immediate future. The fact that the citizens willingly gave up their children for a battle to the death, while living in a society seemingly free of weapons was just something he could not imagine happening. He also did not like that the genetically altered animals were part of the story, mainly the dogs created from a hologram on a computer.

When I read the books I knew they were fiction, so I didn’t really expect to think that anything presented could actually happen. Instead I expected a great adventure story set in a dystopian society, which is exactly what they are about.

Even though we have differing opinions, it was a good discussion and helped me kill some time while on my lunch break.

I’ve enjoyed my multiple viewings of The Hunger Games, but am definitely ready to watch something different at the movies.


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